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Tube laser cutting Information:
Tube laser cutting offers repeatability and precision profiles not found in other cutting methods. Tube laser cutting uses a rotational head to move the tube through the laser. The ability to produce complex designs with considerable speed and accuracy is seen only in tubes cut by laser.

Additional Information on Laser Cutting:

Laser cutting, using a focused laser beam to cut various materials into simple shapes, complex shapes or forms and contours. Most types of materials can be cut by laser cutting including, plywood, ceramics, mylar's, cardboards and plastics. Laser cutting is an excellent method for cutting carbon and stainless steel. Some metals including copper and aluminum conduct heat and reflect the light. Lasers with a higher wattage are used to cut these types of materials. Laser cutting is not a good method for cutting crystal, glass or materials that are transparent. Laser cutting normally produces parts without any distortion, although some materials have a heat-affected zone (an area where the materials is discolored).

The term laser cutting, "laser" stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser uses a highly focused beam of synchronized single-wavelength radiation (direct from the dictionary), that allows for sufficient transfer of energy to remove material along a specific path or cut line. Computer systems with CNC and CAD programs direct the laser cutting beam, cutting the material into the programed shape. Any changes necessary to the design of a laser cutting part can be quickly handled with CNC and CAD programs, making laser cutting an excellent source for prototype parts. A hexagonal shaped material is used on the bed of the laser to allow the laser beam to penetrate the material. Nitrogen gas maintains control over the temperature of the laser cutting beam.

Laser cutting has five classes of safety that is established by the output power and wavelength of the laser beam. Class I lasers are the safest lasers because of their low power output and a switch that shuts down the laser cutting when the machine is opened. Most laser pointers are in Class II, the eyes blink reflex will protect it from the laser beam. The eyes can be damaged if the beam of a Class III laser is reflected into it or enters it directly. The laser cutting machines in Class IV can cause the most damage to both the eye and skin, even if the light beam is simply indirectly scattered. The correct protection must be worn to not only protect the eye, but the operators limbs as well. A hand for example, could be removed by this type of laser cutting machine.

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