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Ameristar Laser Cutting Inc.
800 24th Avenue S. E. Minneapolis, MN 55414
Laser cutting contact info: Phone 763-792-2184 Toll Free phone 877-562-5070 Fax 763-785-9065 Toll Free Fax 877-280-2087

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Quality laser cut parts, quotes in 24 hours, parts in one week or less.

Laser cutting is an excellent method to use for cutting most types of materials and tubing, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, exotic metals, brass, copper, bronze, plastic, wood, rubber, etc.

Tolerances as tight as +/-.002 inch.

Table Capacity of 60" x 120"

Quotes are completed within 24 hours.

Delivery is normally within a few days to one week at the most.

Laser cutting has no engineering charges. There is no tooling involved, so there are no associated costs or delays.

Can cut parts from tubing, shim stock to plate stock up to 6 inches thick.

We can laser cut or waterjet cut micro parts, to parts as big as 72 inches X 144 inches.

With our CNC precision laser cutting equipment, simple to complex shapes and parts, including letters or shapes for signs are no problem..

Parts are consistently burr free and fit together with precision. As a result, the final assembly is easier and faster.

We can modify parts and reduce material costs through parts nesting.

Excellent source for making prototypes. We can also provide short or long run production.

Rotational head for tube laser cutting-click for additional information.

Accept most CAD files and artwork, via e-mail or diskette. File types IGES and DXF.

We have been laser cutting parts since 1981.

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Laser cutting with Parts Nesting:

Laser cutting production uses "nesting", or the stacking of parts to increase the productivity of the laser cutting system. Other cutting methods produce a burr along the cut edge. This is minimized on laser cut parts which typically do not need deburring as a secondary operation. Precision laser cutting provides an almost zero edge distortion. Precision laser cutting may leave a little bit of taper on holes or deep cut parts. Laser cutting usually produces parts more quickly and with better accuracy over other cutting methods. A disadvantage of laser cutting is the amount of energy necessary to operate a laser cutting machine.

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